Learning Health Systems - What is Low-Risk, Low-Burden Research

Learning Health Systems - Ethical Analysis of Privacy Concerns

Patients as Teachers - What Did We Learn Today?

Learning Health Systems - Response to Implications for Translational Research

Learning Health Systems - Implications for Translational Research

Patients as Teachers - Doctor and Patient Encounter

How Future Doctors Think (2 of 2)

Patients as Teachers - A Patient Narrative

The Politics of Pain

The Impact of the Politics of Pain on Clinical Care

Learning Health Systems - Overview

Learning Health Systems - Center for Practical Bioethics Response Panel

Patients as Teachers - Clinicians as Learners Panel

Learning Health Systems - Panel Discussion on Genomic Medicine

How Future Doctors Think (1 of 2)

Perspectives of People Living with Chronic Pain

Changing the Way Pain is Perceived, Judged and Treated

Impact of Pain Politics on Underserved Populations

Introduction to Politics of Pain

Chronic Pain - An Overview

Patients as Teachers - Doctor and Patient Conversations

Patients as Teachers - A Caregiver's Perspective on Patients as Teachers

The Need for Fact-Based Pain Policy at the State and National Levels

Patients as Teachers - A Clinician and Outcomes Researcher's Perspective

Patents as Teachers - Frontiers' Pioneer Recruitment Registry

Patients as Teachers - A Hospital Administrator's Perspective

Learning Health Systems - Panel Discussion: Ethical Challenges

Patients as Teachers: How to Capture Patient Stories

Learning Health Systems - State of the Science in Genomic Medicine

Patients as Teachers - The Moral Imperative to Build Learning Health Systems

Chronic Pain: Questions from the Audience

Learning Health Systems - Panel Discussion on Ethical Challenges

Learning Health Systems - Privacy Concerns in the Era of Genomic Medicine

Learning Health Systems - Biobanking and Big Data

Patients as Teachers - Peggy Battin on the Patient in the Learning Health System

Learning Health Systems - Cardiovascular Outcomes