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  • Working with the Aging Workforce

    Steven Joiner, head of the Workforce Pillar of the KC4 Aging in Community initiative, discusses why the workforce needs to shift perspective on aging from one of burden to asset.

  • Aging in Kansas City: The Data

    John Carney, CEO of the Center for Practical Bioethics, discusses how Kansas City’s aging population will affect all aspects of life

  • What did the Nancy Cruzan case mean for us?

    Twenty years ago, William Colby argued the Nancy Cruzan case before the US Supreme Court.

  • Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve

    Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve Marci Nielsen, vice chancellor of public policy at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and Dr. Rene Bollier, a family practice physician in Kansas City, discuss whether bending the cost curve in healthcare is possible and how it may affect the healthcare people received. Recorded in October 2009. Download
  • Creating Caring Conversations for Young Adults

    Caring Conversations for Young Adults

  • Balancing Faith and Politics

    Episcopal priest and retired Missouri U.S Senator and attorney general John Danforth presented the keynote address at the Center’s 25th Anniversary Annual Dinner in 2009.

  • Do Our Genes Tell Us Who We Are?

    In conjunction with a Center symposium, “Genetics: Jewish Diseases and Personalized Medicine,” Jon Entine, author of Abraham’s Children

  • Conflicting Views about the Review Process for Ashley X

    In 2007, a developmentally disabled 7-year old girl underwent procedures in a Seattle hospital to stop normal growth.

  • Without Regrets: A Nurse’s Advice about Aging and Dying

    Caring for our frail parents, spouses and friends is fraught with choices and decisions.

  • 2014 Rosemary Flanigan Lecture

    In this short interview, Duke University Professor Karla Holloway, PhD, explores how medical information – typically seen as intimate and private – is forced into the public sphere.