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  • End of Life: Treatment Redirection

    What is the role of treatment direction in end-of-life care?

  • End of Life: Reflections on a Good Death

    What is a good death?

  • End of Life Legislation in Missouri and Kansas

    End of Life Legislation in Missouri and Kansas Befuddled with the laws in Missouri and Kansas regarding end-of-life decisions for you and your family? Officials in both states are working to ensure practical preparations are being streamlined to address vital provisions including, living wills, durable powers of attorney and care outside of hospital concerns. Listen…

  • Chronic Disease and Aging

    Most Americans will die of complications from a chronic disease.

  • Hospice Care in Prison

    Hospice Care in Prison Carol McAdoo, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, discusses end of life in prison and why hospice is needed there. (August 6, 2010)  

  • To Feed or Not to Feed?

    David Casarett discusses questions about artificial nutrition and hydration.

  • A Sociology of Aging

    A Sociology of Aging Why are our senior citizens devalued? Do other societies treat their elderly better than we do? What ethical dimensions are involved here?    

  • Bioethical Issues in the Care of the Elderly

    It is in our own best interest to document our feelings and wishes.

  • Our Health Care System Cannot Afford Its Customers

    Our Health Care System Cannot Afford Its Customers Morton Creditor questions why medical care in the United States is totally inappropriate in addressing the needs of its major customer, the aged, and considers the implications of cost containment. What is the impact on the doctor-patient relationship?

  • Medicare Prospective Payment

    The principles of bioethics indicate that Prospective Payment has a moral dimension.