A Family’s Journey to Peace of Mind

A Family’s Journey to Peace of Mind

Jama’s mom had been living in a long-term acute care facility on dialysis and a ventilator for nearly five months. Dad was by her side 24/7.

“One day, as my sister and I were walking out, I looked at her and said, “I think mom is dying,” said Jama. “We started crying. Of course mom was dying, but no one had told us…or Mom.”

Call the Center

Jama and her siblings began insisting that the doctors at least be honest with their dad about Mom’s failing condition. Dad thought he had to seek heroic efforts because of religious beliefs. All along Mom thought she was going to get well enough to go home.

“There wasn’t anyone to guide us through it,” said Jama, “so I called the Center.”

“The staff there helped us understand who we needed to ask for what and how to talk honestly with Dad about Mom’s situation. When the doctors finally told Mom that she would live on a vent for the rest of her life, she said take it out. She died peacefully within hours.”

“The work and wisdom of the Center helped move us from anguish to grief and finally peace of mind.”

Monthly Giving

That was five years ago. Today, Jama and her husband Carl are monthly donors to the Center because they want to ensure that the resources that helped them are there for others.

“The Center helps people in so many personal ways,” said Jama. “They focus on education and policy issues that aren’t trendy or glamorous but that we, and everybody we know, will eventually face.”