2021 Private Broadcast Celebration Event

February 25, 2021

6:30 PM Virtual Reception
7:00 PM Program Performance


Barry Kerzin, MD 
Personal Physician to the Dalai Lama
Founder of the Altruism in Medicine Institute

The Covid Vaccine

Safety & Efficacy in Emergency Authorization:

Getting it to those who want it, responding to those who don’t

This first in a series of four webinars exploring the ethical, equity and justice issues in emergency authorizations for COVID vaccine begins by examining the science and challenges in implementing the largest public health response to a global pandemic in the history of humankind. Basic ethical questions from genetic science in developing the most promising vaccines to justice concerns for those communities of color ravaged by the illness will be shared by experts and advocates in a panel format. The dialogue will touch upon our deepest and most profound beliefs about what we know and what we owe ourselves and each other. Claims about the sacred trusts we hold in society will be questioned. Clarifying what we can, what we ought, and what we must do will be our task.

Session 1

  • Friday, January 29, 2021
  • Noon - 1:30 CST

Christine Grady, PhD, MSN


Chief, Department of Bioethics
NIH Clinical Center

Kathy Kinlaw, MDiv, HEC-C


Associate Director
Emory University Center for Ethics

Darrin D’Agostino, DO


Executive Dean
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

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Upcoming Webinars


Equitable Distribution:
Logistics, resistance,
and justice

March 2021

Registration Available Soon


The Impact of Vaccination on Lives and Livelihoods:
A people’s dialogue

A collaboration with American Public Square and Health Forward Foundation

March/April 2021

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Lessons Learned Thus Far:
Global and domestic ethical perspectives

Where Do We Go From Here?

April/May 2021

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Pandemic Webinar Series and COVID Ethics Updates


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Recent Events



Presented by Erika Blacksher, PhD
John B. Francis Chair, Designee

A Letter to My People:
Reflections on Whiteness Amid a Racial Reckoning in America

The United States is in the midst of a movement for racial justice unprecedented since the 1960s. Conjoined crises – a deadly pandemic, a financial crisis not seen since the Great Depression, and national unrest sparked by a police killing of an unarmed black man – have awakened millions of Americans to racial and social inequities that have long characterized the United States.

People of all colors have protested in large and small cities across the country demanding long overdue structural change. But the change we need is not only in our policies and institutions. We also need to understand whiteness and its role in structuring America and shaping these inequities. What is “whiteness” and why are so many white people clueless about it?

At this year’s Flanigan lecture, Erika Blacksher, the John B. Francis Chair in Bioethics designee, talks about whiteness, its intersection with social class, and its role in shaping people’s lives and health prospects.

Drawing candidly on her own life story as a first-generation high school graduate, Dr. Blacksher will connect pivotal moments in her own journey to ideas about whiteness that we all need to begin to explore and understand

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