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Caring Conversations® Workbook

The Caring Conversations® Workbook will guide you, your family and your friends through the process of advance care planning with a highly individualized focus. The Workbook includes a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions form for your use. (DOWNLOAD PDF)

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Caring Conversations® - An Introduction to Making Your Healthcare Wishes Known

Advance Care Planning is a tender subject that has its own language which may be confusing. This introduction answers the most frequently asked questions about this important process.

Cost = $25.00 (Bundle of 50)


Caring Conversations® Continued

Caring Conversations

TPOPP - Transportable Physician Orders for Patient Preferences

Even if you have thought about your healthcare wishes, talked to your family and friends and completed a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions, circumstances change. There are specific decisions that may become critically important if you live with an advanced chronic illness or have been told you have a limited life expectancy. TPOPP can help! This booklet is available as an addition to the Workbook.  

Cost = $25.00 (Bundle of 50)

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Conversations® Starter

Real Life. Real Issues. Real Time.

Designed to help individuals get the conversation started, this booklet is structured around open-ended sentences. Beginning with “My name is…,” it gently moves the conversation between participants to express what is cherished in their respective lives. Sharing this exercise sets the foundation for the Caring Conversations® Workbook. This booklet is available as an addition to the Workbook.

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Healthcare Directives

Healthcare Directive and Durable Power of Attorney (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Witnessing Rules for Advance Directives in Missouri and Kansas (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Advance Care Planning Education, Training and Resources

The Center offers professional training in Advance Care Planning and the use of these resources. For information and scheduling call 816-979-1366. You can also find numerous articles, resources and interviews in the Advance Care Planning section


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