Polo Camacho, PhD



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A native of West Texas, Polo Camacho earned his Bachelor’s degree in philosophy, psychology and linguistics from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2012, and then moved to Lawrence, Kansas, to pursue a PhD. Under the supervision of Dr. Armin Schulz, Polo earned his PhD in philosophy from the University of Kansas in May of 2021. His dissertation examined the ethical, epistemological and scientific merits of the Central Dogma, a fundamental principle in the life sciences. Chapters of his dissertation have been published in History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy, Theory and Practice in Biology.


Though his background is in academia, Polo’s passion and core interests are in the practical application of philosophy outside of academia. In 2018, he was awarded a research fellowship at the Spencer Museum of Art, where he helped co-organize a public symposium that touched on the ethics of climate change and mankind’s relationship to the environment. In 2020, he co-hosted a virtual panel made up of practicing journalists, editors and professors on the topic of misinformation and the ethics of journalism.


As Program Manager, Polo supports the Center’s aim to provide practical solutions to ethical issues that arise in the healthcare system. Specifically, his work involves promoting their health ethics education services and managing Transportable Physician Orders for Patient Preferences (TPOPP), a nationally endorsed program designed to promote patient rights within the medical system. He also coordinates the Kansas City Regional Healthcare Ethics Committee Consortium, an inter-institutional group of ethics committee members that produces and distributes educational and training content for ethics committees.