Policy and Personal Guidance

Policy and Personal Guidance

The Center responds to calls for help from policymakers, individuals and families. This time-intensive work reflects our commitment to education, to promote and protect the interests of those whose voices have not been heard or heeded,
and to the equitable and just delivery of healthcare.


We receive calls almost daily from patients and family members at the bedside unsure what to do in a healthcare crisis. “When my mother was dying, I tried to advocate on her behalf for withdrawing life supports; but it didn’t happen that way, and I am haunted by how she died. I don’t know whether to just move on or try to follow up with those who provided her care.”

We sometimes hear from organizations struggling to navigate healthcare needs for their clients and customers. And we have been consulted by policymakers seeking background and guidance on delicate ethical matters to consider in formulating protocols, standards, executive orders, regulations and even legislation. For example: “Legislation is being drafted that would give liability protections for physicians willing to offer pro bono care for patients who need specialty care but can’t pay for it. Will you look this over from an ethics perspective?”

If you have a question related to a healthcare decision about which reasonable people could disagree, we can help you sort it out. Call us at 816-221-1100 and leave a message including your name, a brief description of the problem and how we can reach you. We promise to get back to you within one business day.

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