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The Bioethics Leadership Fund provides vital support in achieving the Center’s mission. The Fund is managed by the executive of the Center under the direction of the board through the annual planning process.

The fund:

  • Supports new investments by the Center to explore strategic issues, including those arising from advances in science and medicine, while also addressing the ongoing work of its strategic endeavors.

  • Explores sustainable models and supportive enterprises that assist in the education and training of clinicians and healthcare professionals, whether in formation or in early, mid- or mature stages of their careers.

  • Identifies scholars and advocates whose passions and commitment to bioethics need support and active encouragement.

  • Promotes the public’s understanding of the critical and practical role that bioethics plays in the daily lives of all persons, especially at the crossroads of decision.

To contribute to the Bioethics Leadership Fund by mail, please use our printable pledge form.

For more information about making a pledge, please call 816-221-1100.

Corporate Integrity and Corporate Relationships

Since its founding in 1984, the Center has committed to professional integrity in the conduct of its business and in its relationships with all those with whom it works. As a free standing, unaffiliated nonprofit corporation, the Center strives to preserve and maintain its autonomy and independence at all times and in all respects.

Center for Practical Bioethics

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