Truly the Best Business of the Year Award

Truly the Best Business of the Year Award

MetroCare wins the Lee's Summit Chamber's non-profit small business award for 2015

In 2007, MetroCARE was formed as a result of research conducted by the Metropolitan Medical Society of Greater Kansas City (MetroMed), Northland Health Care Access (NHCA)  and the Center for Practical Bioethics. For three years prior, all three organizations were researching how to care for the growing number of uninsured low income patients in the Kansas City area and just as importantly, how to link them to access to primary and specialty care.

The research showed that the idea behind MetroCARE, that of collaboration, would make it successful - everybody brings something tangible to the table to make it work. The program focuses on addressing health needs of the uninsured by creating a closer relationship between primary care clinics and specialty care providers.

They found the following concepts of coordinating care for the uninsured in the MetroCARE program:
• Physicians would provide services to the uninsured without the fear of being overwhelmed by numbers
• Clinics could better access a full range of specialty care for their low-income patients
• Hospitals would contain costs for their uninsured patient population because care would be better coordinated
• The community would benefit from a healthier, more productive workforce

In 2007, MetroCARE became a 501 (c) 3 and enrolled its first patient and Metro Med served as MetroCARE’s administrative agency.  In 2009, MetroCARE was approved for direct funding by the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City. In 2013, the MetroCARE Board of Directors, with support from the Board of Directors from Metro Med and Northland Health Care Access, became a stand-alone organization while maintaining the important values of its founding organizations.

Today, MetroCARE accepts referrals from primary care physicians, safety net clinics and Northland Health Care Access, and links uninsured residents of Clay, Platte, and Jackson Counties to charitable physicians.

In 2007,with several other groups, the Center launched NorthlandCARE/MetroCare, which became MetroCARE, to provide medical specialty referral services to low income, uninsured individuals.

Center for Practical Bioethics

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