Benefits of Ethics Committee Consortium Membership

Ethics Committee Meeting.

What is the Ethics Committee Consortium (ECC)?

The Center for Practical Bioethics created the Ethics Committee Consortium (ECC) which is the nation’s oldest continuously operating consortium of its kind. Nearly 500 individuals participate in the ECC, representing an estimated 300 ethics committees serving hospitals, hospices, health systems and other providers.

Ethics committees have three primary functions:

Consultation icon.(1) CONSULTATION – To serve as a resource for patients, families and stakeholders to resolve difficult issues that arise in patient care.


Education icon.(2) EDUCATION – To provide continuing ethics education to the institution and more specialized training to EC members.


Policy icon.(3) POLICY – To participate in institutional policy formation and review to maintain and improve ethical treatment of patients on a systems level.

Ethics Committee Consortium Benefits

ECC membership benefits are available to all Center partner organizations, their employees and their volunteers. The majority of individuals who participate in the ECC serve on partner organizations’ ethics committees. ECC membership benefits include:

Graduation hat icon.10 monthly educational ECC webinars throughout the year discussing topics such as autonomy & informed consent, unrepresented patients, end-of-life decision making, and conducting a family meeting


Newsletter icon.the Ethics Dispatch monthly e-newsletter, offering guidance on ethical issues, case studies and ethical musings


Workshop icon.invitations to the annual Clinical Ethics Immersion Workshops

ECC Webinars


Watch this sample of our webinars. The Ethics and Art of Chart Noting with Laura Guidry-Grimes, PhD, HEC-C, recorded in February 2022.



Ethics Dispatch


A photo of the top of the March 2022 Ethics Dispatch.

Read this sample of our Ethics Dispatch. The Ethics of Non-Adherence was published in March 2022. Note the case study section.

Clinical Ethics Workshops


Watch this sample of our workshops. This recording is the second part of a two-part workshop, 2022 Medical Ethics Immersion Workshop: Part 2 – Common and Challenging Patient Situations.

Additional Benefits of ECC Membership

Ethics Committee Handbook

By joining the ECC, you can request free copies of Ethics Committee Handbook designed to orient new committee members.

Ethics Committee Resources

Members of the ECC can utilize our historical ethics committee guidelines and valuable resources about ethics committees.

Bioethics Case Studies

Please visit our free case studies in our Resource Library now or in the future. We always add new case studies.

Ethics Committee Meeting around a table.

How to Join the Ethics Committee Consortium (ECC)

By utilizing the Center’s Ethics Services, your organization can become a member of the ECC.

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