Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning

Caring Conversations® Materials

The Center’s Caring Conversations materials guide you through the advance care planning process. This process can be called the living will process or end-of-life wishes. Our materials, including the forms, explain what to consider and how to talk with your agent, loved ones and providers about what’s most important to you. You need to have confidence that your wishes are made known and understood by others, so you can trust that your values and preferences will be honored.

Someone holding the hand of a hospitalized patient.

Accelerated Advance Care Planning in Long-Term Care

During the pandemic, the Center pivoted to develop a series of training programs for long-term care providers specifically to address the need for accelerating care planning discussions for families and loved ones. These training programs continue to be available for professional associations, long-term care providers, and organizations seeking guidance on how to respond to crisis situations quickly and compassionately, where families may be separated and difficult care planning discussions must be managed remotely.

A stack of TPOPP forms on a table.

Transportable Physician Orders for Patient Preferences (TPOPP/POLST)

TPOPP is the Kansas/Missouri version of POLST, a voluntary program seeking to align treatment plans with the goals and values of seriously ill patients living with life-limiting illness across care settings.

The Center provides tools, training, resources and forms for clinicians and medical providers at various stages in their development, ensuring coordination of providers across settings from residential care to first responders to hospital and rehabilitation care. More than 170 locations across the two-state region participate in the initiative.

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