The Center’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Success

What a gathering of 400 people! We had former and current board members and volunteers. We had med students. We had civic leaders and elected officials. We had doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators, technology experts, and every kind of allied health professional all in the same room. We had you!

And because of you, we raised $365,000 in support of our mission: To raise and respond to ethical issues in health and healthcare. There is still time to donate. Make your donation today!

We want to especially thank our Presenting Sponsors American Century Investments, The Berkley Family, and Kansas City University, as well as the extraordinary support of Ellen and Irv Hockaday and Dianne Shumaker and Bob Southard. Your especially warm embrace of our honorees — Mary Beth Blake, Myra Christopher and John Carney – will be long remembered.

Our gratitude further extends for understanding the challenge we faced when informed the morning of April 11 that our keynote speaker, Dr. Daniela Lamas, had been diagnosed with Covid and would be unable to attend. We hope you enjoyed our pivot to a conversation with our program staff leaders moderated by President and CEO James Stowe about clinical ethics, artificial intelligence, health justice and advance care planning.

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