Lindsey Jarrett, PhD

Lindsey Jarrett, PhD, serves as the Vice President of Ethical AI for the Ethical AI Initiative sponsored by the Center and regional collaborators to identify and articulate ethical problems, risks and potential harms associated with the unexamined use of artificial intelligence and machine learning when applied to heath information and services.

Dr. Jarrett’s experience in program management, community-based research methodologies, advocacy and community leadership in disability will be put to use in her leadership efforts to deploy evidence-based interventions, practices and processes to address equity issues for underserved communities as those persons interact with health providers and systems. She is committed to leveraging her industry expertise developed during her recent six-year tenure at Cerner, most recently as Lead Clinical Researcher, along with her professional studies and community-based local knowledge to design, pilot and disseminate interventions that address ethical problems and risks together with her colleagues at the Center.

Dr. Jarrett holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in Sociology and in Criminal Justice and Criminology (2004), a Master’s Degree in Social Policy and Administration from the University of Nottingham, (2006), and a PhD in Therapeutic Science from the University of Kansas (2015). Her current research interests include engagement indicators, post-acute health outcomes, service learning, data visualization, universal designs of learning, clinical intelligence, ethics and intelligence, and healthcare IT education.

Lindsey is a passionate global citizen who centers her life around service to others. For the world, she is committed to creating inclusive and safe spaces for everyone. In addition to peer-reviewed publications, she has presented dozens of poster presentations and community lectures. She is a co-founder of Music Across Borders and a victim advocate and speaker’s bureau volunteer for the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA).

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