Organ Transplantation


Vol. 1 (1) Summer 1985

Dialogue: Should hospitals be required to ask families to donate organs?
Organs available for transplant are a scare resource. Art Caplan and Karen Ritchie debate whether hospitals should be required to ask families to donate organs.

The Law: Organ Donation and Brain Death
When a dead body becomes the source of organs for transplantation, two legal considerations are involved in removing organs for transplant. First, consent for removal and use of the organ must be obtained. Second, the best point in time to remove the organ must be established.

Who Gets the Organs?
The criteria for organ distribution and recipient selection are based on clinical and medical decisions.


Vol. 3 (1) Winter 1987

Who’s First in Line? American Organs for Non-American Recipients
Is there a moral and ethical responsibility to treat all patients equally for the scarce resource of organs for transplantation?
Does nationality matter? What about healthcare funding?


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