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Bioethics Newsletter Summer-Fall 2021

The pandemic brought America face-to-face with the impacts of disparities in race, class and ethnicity in health and healthcare. Inadequately resourced public health and disaster response systems exacerbated injustices upon the poor, elderly and communities of color. The economic crisis worsened longstanding inequities.

Bioethics Newsletter Winter-Spring 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has informed our collective conscience about what ought not to be, what we should be doing more of, and the need to keep alive the realities of what we have endured and too many have suffered.

Bioethics Newsletter Summer-Fall 2020

From the mid-1980s when ventilators came into common use, the Center for Practical Bioethics has helped patients, families, providers and policymakers make decisions about what ought to be done given what can be done.

Bioethics Newsletter Winter-Spring 2020

People don’t like to talk about politics, religion or money. To that we would add advance care planning. Advance care planning is the process of clarifying your life goals and values, and making sure your healthcare preferences are known and honored.

Bioethics Newsletter Summer-Fall 2019

A 52-year old African American woman with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was rapidly deteriorating. Doctors tried to explain her options: hospice or surgery to attach her to a ventilator for the rest of her life. Mom couldn’t decide, her daughter said, because she didn’t trust her doctors. She had nightmares about doctors hurting her.

Bioethics Newsletter Winter-Spring 2019

Celebrating our 35th anniversary.

Bioethics Newsletter Summer-Fall 2018

Let's go to the movies! Bioethics film series.