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Medical Ethics – Religion and Healthcare Ethics

Religion and medicine are two important responses to human suffering; as such they may at times conflict.

December 22, 2021

Medical Ethics – Ethics and Complementary Medicine

Ethical issues abound in alternative and complementary medicine.

Medical Ethics – Managed Care

Are there ethical arguments for or against managed care?

Medical Ethics – Medical Mistakes

What is the ethical response to medical error, an inevitable occurrence?

Ethics Direct and Ethics+ Services

Clinical Ethics Services: Improving Outcomes and Performance Achieve ethics integration and proficiency with…

December 15, 2021

Becoming a Living Organ Donor

Becoming a Living Organ DonorA Path to Recovery and Meaning The first step in determining Lindsey Jarrett’s eligibility to donate a kidney to her friend’s father was a psychiatric evaluation. Did she know the donation would not benefit her? Did she understand the risks? Was she being coerced? Many people might wonder what motivates a…

December 9, 2021

Medical Ethics – Ethical Issues in Healthcare of Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Ethical Issues in Healthcare of Persons with Developmental Disabilities A Threat to Disabled Persons? On the Genetics Approach to Developmental Disabilities This essay by Hans S. Reinders explores the claim that the genetics approach to intellectual disability does not imply a negative evaluation of disabled persons because there is a distinction between the person and…

December 8, 2021

IN MEMORY of Sarah (Liza) Rowland Townsend, JD, MSW

Sarah Rowland Townsend, a member of our Board of Directors and an extraordinary human being, died at her home in Kansas City, Missouri on November 26. When Liza (as many of us knew her) was younger, her father, Landon Rowland, would send her articles from the Hastings Center Report, British Medical Journal and JAMA. She…

December 2, 2021

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