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Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

“I know I’m not doing well and that my time here is limited. So, I want you to promise me ...
Man standing high up.

Case Study – “God will restore his leg. The doctors will see.” Patient Nonadherence.

Collin takes a moment to further underscore the complications and consequences that may arise from not having the leg amputated, ...
Nurse looking distressed.

Case Study – Moral Dimensions of Medical Negligence

I should have been paying more attention. Should have insisted on either helping Lyle or finding a CNA to do ...
Nurse resting on a sofa.

Case Study – Moral Distress of Hospital Workers

Unable to answer the question definitively, Sandra is left speechless. This is not the first patient with severe COVID for ...
Microscopic view of blood vein.

Case Study – The Ethics of Blood Shortages

Her hemoglobin is notably low, requiring transfusions to make the patient feel better, but without any hemorrhaging site noted. With ...
Hay bales in a field.

Case Study – Do I Sell the Family Farm for this Treatment?

A 55-year-old, male-identifying patient is admitted to the hospital from ER for respiratory distress and other distressing symptoms that had ...
Woman in pain looking out a window.

Case Study – Vaccination Mandates

A referring nephrologist believes that Sonya needs a kidney transplant for longer term survival, as well as improved quality of ...
Male emergence room patient being worked on.

Case Study – Scarce Resources

Mr. Jones is a 55-year-old, suffering from multiple medical issues including COVID-19. Mr. Jones is being treated in the ICU ...
Sick patient in hospital bed with IV.

Case Study – Vaccine Hesitancy and Individual Freedom

Jennifer is a 44-year-old patient who is critically ill in the ICU. She is COVID positive and is now going ...