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Oximeter on a finger.

Case Study – ECMO and Ethics

The hospital team understand the importance ECMO has in keeping Thad alive and giving hope to the family but are ...
A woman's face showing stress.

Case Study – Moral Culpability for Respecting Patients’ Autonomy

This patient has a long history of IV drug abuse but communicates to the health team that his recent hospitalization ...
A ball of twine on a red background.

Case Study – Decisional Capacity of the Patient’s Surrogate

With an adult daughter saying “No” to a trach and PEG and a DPOA spouse of questionable capacity what should ...
Close up of a stethoscope draped around a doctor's neck wearing a white lab coat.

Case Study – A Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team Disagrees

Most members of the ICU team, and the palliative care consultant, believe that prognosis is poor and death is imminent. Their ...
A man's legs.

Case Study – Whose Decision?

Jorge replies, “I don’t want to die! But please, please, don't cut off my legs! Please, Doctor! No one will ...
ICU monitor.

Case Study –Too little, too late… almost

Angelie is tired and losing motivation. She feels hopeless and is struggling to find the passion that led her to ...
Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

“I know I’m not doing well and that my time here is limited. So, I want you to promise me ...
Man standing high up.

Case Study – “God will restore his leg. The doctors will see.” Patient Nonadherence.

Collin takes a moment to further underscore the complications and consequences that may arise from not having the leg amputated, ...
Nurse looking distressed.

Case Study – Moral Dimensions of Medical Negligence

I should have been paying more attention. Should have insisted on either helping Lyle or finding a CNA to do ...
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