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Nurse resting on a sofa.

Case Study – Moral Distress of Hospital Workers

Unable to answer the question definitively, Sandra is left speechless. This is not the first patient with severe COVID for ...
Microscopic view of blood vein.

Case Study – The Ethics of Blood Shortages

Her hemoglobin is notably low, requiring transfusions to make the patient feel better, but without any hemorrhaging site noted. With ...
Woman in pain looking out a window.

Case Study – Vaccination Mandates

A referring nephrologist believes that Sonya needs a kidney transplant for longer term survival, as well as improved quality of ...
Male emergence room patient being worked on.

Case Study – Scarce Resources

Mr. Jones is a 55-year-old, suffering from multiple medical issues including COVID-19. Mr. Jones is being treated in the ICU ...
Nurse showing stress.

Case Study – Moral Distress and Hospital Workers

Jennifer is an ICU nurse, having worked for Pleasantville Medical Center for 20 years. Currently, she says she is taking ...
A simple window in a dark room representing isolation.

Case Study – The Isolated Long-Term-Care Patient and Scarce Resource Allocation

Patient is an 82-year-old female, who is currently a resident at a long-term care facility. The patient is suffering from ...
Nurse and patient in wheelchair discussing paperwork.

Accelerated Advance Care Planning in Long Term Care

The Center's accelerated advance care planning (ACP) in long-term care training programs is geared toward  professional associations, long-term care providers, ...
COVID using a microscope.

Pandemic Ethics Resources

PubMed.gov/NIH The University of Pittsburg UW Medicine National Academy of Medicine PubMed Central Center for Practical Bioethics Webinar MediCaring.org article ...
Organ Transplantation

Organ Transplantation

Many ethical issues are involved in organ transplantation ...
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