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  • The Case of Megan and Ken: Confidentiality of a Diagnosis

    The last five years have been difficult for Megan and Ken, their relationship held together through their commitment to get the children launched before going their separate ways. To others who know them, they are a model all-American family. Ken is a successful insurance executive; Megan is completing her master’s degree in social work.

  • The Case of Jack: What are the Limits of a Community’s Right to Know?

    Scrutinizing the Individual:
    What are the limits of a community’s right to know?

  • Case Study – Tatiana Tarasoff: A Duty to Warn

    When a therapist predicts that his patient is a danger to another person, does he have a duty to warn that person of the danger

  • Confidentiality in the Age of AIDS: A Case Study in Clinical Ethics

    This article presents the case of an HIV-positive patient who presented the treating physician, a psychiatrist, with an ethical dilemma. We provide the details of the case, identify the ethical issues it raises, and examine the ethical principles involved.

    In their article, “Confidentiality in the Age of AIDS,” Martin L. Smith and Kevin P. Martin present a complex case in clinical ethics. Their analysis examines a physician’s quandary when treating a mentally incompetent HIV-positive patient: whether to uphold physician-patient confidentiality or to violate this confidentiality by warning a third party.

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