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  • Case Study – It’s Too Much – First My Daughter, and Now This

    Fiona has custody of her two orphaned grandchildren and works as a housekeeper in a private home while the children are in school. Medical expenses are beyond Fiona’s budget. How can Fiona get – and pay for – healthcare?

  • Rationing Just Medical Care

    US politicians and policymakers are preoccupied with how to pay for healthcare.

  • Myths of Healthcare Costs

    To which group are we devoting our healthcare dollars?

  • Medical Tourism and Bariatric Surgery


  • Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve

    Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve Marci Nielsen, vice chancellor of public policy at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and Dr. Rene Bollier, a family practice physician in Kansas City, discuss whether bending the cost curve in healthcare is possible and how it may affect the healthcare people received. Recorded in October 2009. Download
  • Ethics of Rationing vs Waste Avoidance

    The ethical debate is now shifting from rationing to the avoidance of waste.

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