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  • Hospice Care in Prison

    Hospice Care in Prison Carol McAdoo, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, discusses end of life in prison and why hospice is needed there. (August 6, 2010)  

  • Hospice in the Nursing Home – A Valuable Collaboration

    Hospice in the Nursing Home Long-term care facilities have one of the most difficult tasks in healthcare: to maximize the health of frail elderly people. However, our society’s resistance to the natural process of dying commands the assistance of hospice services in helping patients and their families cope with illness and death. The presence of…

  • Grace Before Dying

    “Grace Before Dying” is a traveling exhibit portraying a hospice program run by prisoners in Louisiana.

  • Palliative Sedation is Not a Panacea

    Alexander Kon, MD, responds to the limitations of palliative sedation in bringing patients to a level of comfort.

  • A Progress Report on Palliative Care

    Christian Sinclair, associate medical director of Kansas City Hospice, Karin Porter-Williamson

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