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  • Nancy Cruzan Court Case

    The Nancy Cruzan case was the first right-to-die case heard by SCOTUS.

  • End of Life: Advance Care Planning

    Advance care planning can play an important role in end-of-life care.

  • End of Life: Treatment Redirection

    What is the role of treatment direction in end-of-life care?

  • Saying Goodbye – The Terri Schiavo Case

    We struggled to say “Goodbye. We love you, Terri.”

  • The Case of Helga Wanglie – Futile Treatment

    Case Study – The Case of Helga Wanglie – Futile Treatment Does the suggestion of withdrawal of life-sustaining technologies reflect moral decay in our culture?

  • The Case of Claire Conroy

      Must Patients Always Be Given Food and Water? An eighty-four-year-old non-ambulatory nursing home patient was confined to semi-fetal condition with “severe organic brain syndrome.” She had necrotic gangrenous leg ulcers and no bowel control. The patient was not in a vegetative state; her life expectancy could not be predicted but it was thought to…

  • Case Study – Our Pregnant Daughter Didn’t Want This.

    Is a healthcare directive legally in effect if the patient is pregnant?

  • Case Study – Matter of Quinlan

    Case Study – Matter of Quinlan Karen Ann Quinlan, a twenty-two-year-old who ingested a harmful mix of drugs and alcohol, suffered two fifteen-minute periods of interrupted breathing which left her in a chronic vegetative state without any cognitive functions. Evidence in the case included statements the patient made earlier referring to her “distaste for continuance…

  • Case Study – What Should We Do? DNR for an Adult with Down Syndrome

    Case Study – George – DNR for an Adult with Down Syndrome George is a twenty-three-year-old young man with Down’s syndrome, who lived independently in a group home. Unfortunately, an accident resulted in George suffering a severe brain injury, with no signs of consciousness after a year. He’s dependent upon a feeding tube. George and…

  • Terri Schiavo — Five Years Later

    Reflections on the Terri Schiavo case.