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What Is Health Equity?

Read how Erika Blacksher of the Center for Practical Bioethics answers the question: what is health equity?
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24 Hours in the Life of a Bioethicist

What does a bioethicist for the Center for Practical Bioethics do in 24 hours? Read a day in the life...
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Rural Public Health Ethics: Making the Case for Medicaid Expansion

Nellie Kassebaum, Research Associate, discusses rural public health ethics and making the case for Medicaid expansion in this blog.
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Respecting Autonomy

Ryan Pferdehirt, Vice President of Ethics Services, discusses respecting autonomy in this blog.
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1984 to 2024

A historical retrospective of the Center for Practical Bioethics from 1984 to today by Trudi Galblum.
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Who has Time to Talk About Ethics?

The Center offers workshops in healthcare ethics to ease the burden of healthcare ethical dilemmas.
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Bard AI Writes a Poem on Bioethics Center

Dr. Terry Rosell asks Bard AI to write a poem describing the ideal bioethics center.
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Ethics Perspective on a Controversial Innovation to Recover Donor Hearts for Transplantation

Tarris (Terry) Rosell, PhD, DMin, discusses lack of transparency about a new and controversial organ recovery protocol would be ethically...
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A Benefit of Being an Ethics Services Affiliate Organization: The Monthly Ethics Dispatch

Affiliate Organizations of our Center Ethics Services receive our Ethics Dispatch as part of their annual membership. The Dispatch is...
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