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Fostering Civil Discourse – and Humor – in a Partisan Era

Dr. Terry Rosell shares a poem he wrote that he believes still works in the partisan era of Trump.
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Ethics, Morality and Genomic Science: Can We Play God the Way God Plays God?

Dr. Richard Payne looks into the ethical dilemma that comes with the growing ability of gene editing.
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Gun Violence: Prevention by Paying Attention

The Center for Practical Bioethics co-sponsored an event that invited a mother of a Sandy Hook victim to speak about preventing gun violence.
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Lifetime Achievement in Bioethics

A founder of the Center for Practical Bioethics is presented with an award to recognize her longtime dedication to bioethics.
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Whatever Happened to Long-Term Care Reform?

Being able to afford long-term care is a continued topic of discussion when conversing about Medicaid.
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The Americans with Disabilities Act: Before and After the Fall

With the anniversary of the Americans of Disabilities Act, a story is shared about the accessibility of the world.
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Charlie Gard, Baby Doe and the Wisdom of Bill Bartholome

The choices made for a young child jumpstart researching the bioethics of making decisions for minors.
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Personalized Medicine: Our Future or Big Data Voodoo?

Personalized medicine is set to change the way of medicine.
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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (#WEADD)

Kathy Greenlee works for the Center of Practical Bioethics where she advocates to help others understand elder abuse and why it isn't just a family and should be taken seriously.
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