You can fight vitriol and gridlock in solving healthcare problems

A personal message from Erika Blacksher

Dear CPB Friend:

Most Americans remain largely unaware or reject outright the fact that health status is rooted in social conditions that exist long before we seek medical care. Healthcare is the ambulance at the bottom of a cliff and far too many Americans are needlessly falling off of it. Many Americans are burdened by illness much of their lives and dying too young.

I believe – in times like these – that most Americans are weary of the fighting, gridlock and vitriol. And I think you would agree that many would appreciate the opportunity to learn and talk together about serious problems. I lead an stellar team of experts that is building the tool and resources to do just this.

Your support for the Center will help find solutions to critical population health challenges.

There’s so much more work that needs to be done to bring the promise of deliberative dialogue to the profound health challenges that our region and the nation face. With your support, we will use the tools and resources we are developing in Missouri and Kansas, which could in turn serve as a template for similar efforts nationwide.

Please make a year-end gift so all voices can be heard
and inform policies, priorities and important decisions that affect our lives.


Erika Blacksher, PhD
John B. Francis Chair
Center for Practical Bioethics

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