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  • Religion. Healthcare Policy. Do the Twain Meet?

    Rosemary Flanigan, PhD, explores what it means to have a “religious consciousness” and how having such a consciousness affects our thinking as we deal with life and death issues, as well as a host of bioethical issues facing us today.

  • Honor and Respect for Aging

    We are in the midst of a longevity revolution. Rabbi Richard Address, director of Jewish Family Concerns for the Union of Reformed Judaism, discusses Jewish tradition regarding the art of caregiving.

  • Should Religion Play a Role in the Practice of Medicine?

    Dr. Farr Curlin, assistant professor of medicine, and Dr. John Lantos, both from the University of Chicago, address the question: Should religion play a role in the practice of medicine?

  • Collision of Religion and Pain Treatment

    Dr. Richard Randolph, former associate professor of bioethics at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, explores three questions about religion that often collide with the medical ethics of treating pain:

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