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  • Medical Ethics – AIDS, Homosexuality and Religion

    What is the role of ethics when discussing AIDS, homosexuality and religion?

  • Medical Ethics – Religion and Healthcare Ethics

    Religion and medicine are two important responses to human suffering; as such they may at times conflict.

  • The Case of Jehovah’s Witness: A Minor Requiring Blood Products

    The Case of Jehovah's Witness: A Minor Requiring Blood Products Print This Case Study The Case of Jehovah’s Witness: A Minor Requiring Blood Products A sixteen-year-old male member of Jehovah's Witnesses incurred injuries in an auto accident.  The injuries required surgery. The Case of Jehovah’s Witness: A Minor Requiring Blood Products Case Study: Novak V.…
  • Case Study – Abortion Rights and/or Wrongs

    Case Study – Abortion Rights and-or Wrongs Kate, an emancipated 17-year-old woman, is unmarried and 8 weeks pregnant. She wants to terminate the pregnancy. The hospital where she has always received medical care is part of a faith-based health care system that rejects elective abortion. What ought to be done for Kate? And by whom?

  • The Legacy of Father Kevin O’Rourke

    The wit and wisdom of Father Kevin O’Rourke influenced a generation of medical ethicists and others who struggled with the thorny questions posed by the American healthcare system.

  • Sabbaths of Hope

    Sabbaths of Hope is a program aimed at enabling clergy and other faith leaders to address clinical depression in their communities.

  • Spirituality, Race and End of Life Care

    What does spirituality and race have to do with end of life care?

  • Religion. Healthcare Policy. Do the Twain Meet?

    Rosemary Flanigan, PhD, explores what it means to have a “religious consciousness” and how having such a consciousness affects our thinking as we deal with life and death issues, as well as a host of bioethical issues facing us today.

  • Honor and Respect for Aging

    We are in the midst of a longevity revolution. Rabbi Richard Address, director of Jewish Family Concerns for the Union of Reformed Judaism, discusses Jewish tradition regarding the art of caregiving.

  • Should Religion Play a Role in the Practice of Medicine?

    Dr. Farr Curlin, assistant professor of medicine, and Dr. John Lantos, both from the University of Chicago, address the question: Should religion play a role in the practice of medicine?