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  • Long-Term Care – Institution, Residence, Hospital, or Home?

    Finding quality long-term nursing care is a growing concern for millions of Americans.

  • End-of-Life Care in the Nursing Home

    End-of-Life Care in the Nursing Home – Is a Good Death Compatible with Regulatory Compliance   By using relevant clinical practice guidelines for end-of-life care and by incorporating meaningful quality indicators into an effective continuous quality improvement program, nursing facilities can provide quality end-of-life care for their residents while complying with state and federal regulations.

  • Educational Initiatives in Long-Term Care

    Educational Initiatives in Long-Term Care   Most Americans would doubtless agree that positive change is a critical need in facilities providing long-term care. This article describes a project in which staff from the Midwest Bioethics Center (now the Center for Practical Bioethics) and Kansas City area experts in long-term care worked to create meaningful change…

  • Hospice in the Nursing Home – A Valuable Collaboration

    Hospice in the Nursing Home Long-term care facilities have one of the most difficult tasks in healthcare: to maximize the health of frail elderly people. However, our society’s resistance to the natural process of dying commands the assistance of hospice services in helping patients and their families cope with illness and death. The presence of…

  • Saying Goodbye – The Terri Schiavo Case

    We struggled to say “Goodbye. We love you, Terri.”

  • The Case of the Careless Caregiver

    Has caregiving gone wrong in this case?

  • Pathways to Convergence Report

    Pathways to Convergence Report The Center for Practical Bioethics with the support of Pew Charitable Trusts engaged a small group of Catholic leaders from clinical, clerical, ethical, and theological perspectives in an extended discussion to explore areas of convergence and divergence around palliative care and advance care planning in American society. This steering group independently…

  • Living Wills

    Decisions about medical care involve choices based on ethical and other values.

  • Missouri’s Living Will Law

    Missouri’s living will law became effective in September 1985.

  • Difficult Decisions in Health Care

    What does quality of life mean?