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Ryan Pferdehirt giving an ethics workshop.
Ryan Pferdehirt, D.Bioethics, HEC-C, giving an ethics workshop to hospital medical staff.

Ethics Workshops Customized for Your Organization

Whether you are compelled to strengthen your ethics consultation chart documentation or seeking safer standard processes for your AI, our custom workshops are the place to start. Immersive workshops can include interactive lectures, case discussions, breakout sessions and training materials at your location or via conferencing.  We can discuss CME, CNE, and CPE credits while planning your workshop.

Popular Workshop Topics

  • Deciphering Non-Beneficial Care
  • Improving AI Process
  • Developing an Ethics Committee
  • Strengthening Ethics Consultation Conversations
  • Implementing Scarce Resource Allocation Policies
  • Improving Language and Clinical Conversations

1-Day Workshop Sample

8:00Meet and greet
9:00Topic 1: Introduction to Clinical Ethics
9:45Topic 2: The Consultation Process
10:45Topic 3: Consultation and Conversation Techniques
11:30Breakout Session
1:00Topic 4: Ethical Complications in Challenging Clinical Situations
1:45Breakout Session
2:45Topic 5: Implementation and Challenges
3:30Topic 6: The EMR and Charting

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Ryan Pferdehirt, D. Bioethics, HEC-C

Vice President of Ethics Services

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