AI in Kansas City Healthcare

Balancing Potential and Risk

At Children's Mercy Hospital, an AI-powered Patient Progression Hub is helping reduce paperwork and curb employee burnout. (Courtesy photo/Children's Mercy)

A recent story in the Kansas City Beacon explores AI’s potential to enable clinicians to remain more focused on interactions with patients and to do more with less, how several area providers are using it, and reasons to proceed with caution.

The story also explains how, since 2021, in the absence of governmental regulation, the Center’s Ethical AI Initiative has taken a lead in mapping out AI standards, with hope for their eventual adoption by all Kansas City area providers. For now, hospitals aren’t required to tell patients when they’re using AI.

“Because, unfortunately,” said Lindsey Jarrett, PhD, vice president of Ethical AI at the Center, “no one’s really telling them they have to.”

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