Medical Ethics – Medical Mistakes


Moral Courage in Medicine – Disclosing Medical Error
Medical error is an inevitable occurrence that stresses the relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients. To successfully restore trust and perhaps lower liability costs, healthcare providers must avoid pointing fingers and adopt a policy of honesty and full disclosure.

The Case of the Upbeat Mechanic
Omer’s attitude toward life was mechanical: If it can be fixed, fit it. If it can’t be fixed, scrap it.


Medical Errors in Surgery
This article argues against a no-faults system view as a corrective action for medical errors in surgery.


From a Culture of Blame to a Culture of Safety – The Role of Institutional Ethics Committees
Institutional ethics committees are largely absent from the literature on patient safety, but if health service organizations are to adequately address medical error and patient safety, they must change internally from a “culture of blame” to a “culture of safety.”

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