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Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

“I know I’m not doing well and that my time here is limited. So, I want you to promise me ...
Nurse looking distressed.

Case Study – Moral Dimensions of Medical Negligence

I should have been paying more attention. Should have insisted on either helping Lyle or finding a CNA to do ...
Person holding up their hand to the camera with the word "no" written on it.

Case Study – It’s been prescribed. She won’t take it. The Ethics of Non-Adherence

. . .her PCP notes that Peggy was prescribed blood pressure medication several years ago, which she has not been ...
Angry older man.

Case Study – The Noncompliant or Nonadherent Patient

Rick is a 78-year-old male patient, suffering from ESRD, among other ailments. Rick is known to the hospital staff as ...
A close up of a man with a tear coming from his eye.

Case Study –God Wants Me to Suffer. Hospital Care and Religious Beliefs

Landon is a 47-year-old father of two who has a history of alcohol abuse but has been sober for over ...
Man appearing isolated.

Case Study – Go Home and Die Alone. Social Isolation

Riley is a 42-year-old who identifies as male. He was admitted to the hospital for shortness of breath and kidney ...
A simple window in a dark room representing isolation.

Case Study – The Isolated Long-Term-Care Patient and Scarce Resource Allocation

Patient is an 82-year-old female, who is currently a resident at a long-term care facility. The patient is suffering from ...
A woman wearing a face mask with virus graphics floating around.

Case Study –“But I’m Asymptomatic to the Virus!” Quarantine Ethics

Jane is 40-year old physician who is travelling back from providing free medical care oversees. She has been stationed in ...
A patient in a hospital bed.

Case Study – Nonadherence to Care?

Patient is a 30-year-old female, presenting with multiple co-morbidities including HIV, COPD and cardiac complications. After several weeks in the ...