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Case Study – Decisional Capacity of the Patient’s Surrogate

With an adult daughter saying “No” to a trach and PEG and a DPOA spouse of questionable capacity what should ...
Close up of a stethoscope draped around a doctor's neck wearing a white lab coat.

Case Study – A Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team Disagrees

Most members of the ICU team, and the palliative care consultant, believe that prognosis is poor and death is imminent. Their ...
Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

Case Study – Trying to Honor Johnny’s Wishes

“I know I’m not doing well and that my time here is limited. So, I want you to promise me ...
Woman in fighting stance with fighting gear on.

Case Study – Continue to Fight? Patient Decision-Making Changes

Sarah is a 73-year-old individual who identifies as female and is suffering from metastatic colon cancer. While an inpatient, she ...
Man's legs sitting in wheelchair.

Case Study – Don’t Take My Foot! Surrogate Decision-Making

The patient, Lockett, is an 82-year-old male, admitted for shortness of breath and complications from his diabetes. Lockett has been ...
Older couple walking arm in arm on nature path.

Case Study – Maxine’s New Love and Decisional Capacity

The patient, Maxine, is an 88-year-old female, admitted due to shortness of breath and complications due to severe dementia. Maxine ...
Portrait of an older woman.

Case Study – Everything Be Done

The patient, Mrs. Czarniwicz, is a 67-year-old female diagnosed with non-resectable colon cancer six months ago. She was recently admitted ...
Nurse and patient in wheelchair discussing paperwork.

Accelerated Advance Care Planning in Long Term Care

The Center's accelerated advance care planning (ACP) in long-term care training programs is geared toward  professional associations, long-term care providers, ...
The Case of Non-Beneficial Care

The Case of Non-Beneficial Care

80-year male with multiple medical problems is nonresponsive to medical teams ...
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