Cries for help arrive that you can answer

A personal message from John Carney

Dear CPB Friend:

“Thank you!

I don’t know who else could have helped me

think through that situation the way you did.”

When someone asks me, as the President and CEO of the Center for Practical Bioethics, why they should support the Center, I tell them it’s because of people who are so grateful that we are here to help them sort through their problems with the healthcare system.

That we respected them and provided assistance that others hadn’t or couldn’t.

That the time we spend using the tools of applied ethics to help patients and clinicians come up with options and oughts is worthwhile.

Their gratitude reminds me how important it is to walk with people through really tough times…and that doing so would not be possible without your generous support.

We are able to make this service free because of people like you.

As many of you know, I plan to retire as President and CEO of the Center at the end of this year. And I’ve been clear. I do not want a big party.

What I want more than anything is for the Center to be able to continue to provide the kind of compassionate guidance and support that means so much to so many.

The time our staff spends responding to calls from distraught patients, families and clinicians is not funded by restricted program grants. It is funded by people like YOU!

In times like these – battered by the pandemic, devastated by lack of trust in public health, struggling to hear all voices and perspectives – we depend on YOU!

Your gift to the Center

answers the cries for help we receive every day!

Your gift to the Center honors and humbles me. On behalf of those for whom it will make a difference, I thank you.


John G. Carney
President and CEO
Center for Practical Bioethics

P.S. Please consider becoming a monthly donor. As a member of our Sustainers Council, monthly donors receive our quarterly Sustainers Council Update and provide support we rely on every day!

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