If you believe all families deserve the same level of care…

A personal message from Diane Gallagher

Dear CPB Friend:

As parents of a child with a rare genetic disorder, my husband and I were surrounded by exceptional healthcare professionals who cared and fought for our daughter with the highest degree of ethics. They provided unwavering support for our family, and we recognize how essential that approach is for all families.

I serve on the Center’s Board of Directors because I believe all families deserve the same level of care and support that our family received, and I know that’s what the Center stands for as well. To me, that’s the meaning of “health equity.”

You can see the impact of your generosity on health equity in the Center’s Ethical AI Initiative and Civic Population Health Project.

The Center played such an important – and unsung – role in the pandemic. From educating professionals on the front lines to weighing in on vaccination policy and advocating for equity and health professionals’ wellbeing, the Center’s staff was at the heart of this extraordinary moment in history. I was awed to witness their tremendous contributions in times like these when the world needed an ethical lens on a catastrophic circumstance.

In an increasingly complex world, the work of the Center is critical.

As you plan your 2022 year-end charitable giving,

please include a generous gift to the Center for Practical Bioethics.


Diane Gallagher
Senior Vice President and Co-Chief People Officer
American Century Investments

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