Friends and Family Join in Retirement Celebration

Friends (that includes staff) and family came together on December 1 at Hallbrook Country Club for a gathering hosted by board member Dr. Kumar Ethirajan to celebrate our President and CEO John Carney upon retiring from 18 years of service and leadership at the Center.

Among the tributes, perhaps nothing captured John’s essence more than remarks of his daughter Megan standing alongside her older brothers Peter and Tom.

“You all know him as John,” said Megan, “but for us he’s ‘Crazy Bompa.’ Actually, he’s crazy about three things:

  1. All that he’s worked tirelessly his whole career to honor and protect with all of you.
  2. Faith.
  3. Family.

“Of course, these things sometime intersect. Like when – on a family vacation in a lakeside cabin – Dad casually struck up a conversation about the importance of advance directives, complete with handouts for everyone and, most importantly, nowhere for us to go.”

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