TPOPP/POLST Webinar 2022

New TPOPP/POLST Clinical Guide and Form Webinar

Thursday, November 3, 2022
12 noon - 1 pm CDT

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Webinar Description

With help from TPOPP/POLST advocates in the bi-state area, the Center for Practical Bioethics has finalized changes to the TPOPP/POLST Clinical Guide and form. Changes to the Clinical Guide include comparisons between the TPOPP form and other Kansas/Missouri forms, an updated FAQ section, and a section-by-section breakdown of the form. The TPOPP/POLST form was modified to be continuous with the National POLST form.

This webinar is intended for current TPOPP/POLST advocates who want to learn more about these changes. The webinar will also be helpful to healthcare workers interested in implementing the TPOPP program in their healthcare organizations.

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