Transportable Physician Orders for Patient Preferences (TPOPP/POLST)

Transportable Physician Orders for
Patient Preferences (TPOPP/POLST)


The TPOPP/POLST initiative is designed to improve quality of care for those living with serious illness and/or frailty by translating patient goals and preferences into medical orders. This applies to patients with advanced or serious illness in Kansas and Missouri regardless of whether the patient is in a hospital setting, skilled nursing facility or living independently in their own community. TPOPP/POLST establishes communication between the patient or recognized decision maker (e.g., the healthcare Agent, proxy, or other designated decision-maker) and their healthcare team and translates patient preferences into a medical order.

POLST is a process and a form. POLST has different names in different states. At the national level, it is simply called POLST: Portable Medical Orders, or POLST for short. Portable means that the order is valid outside the clinic or doctor’s office, similar to a drug prescription.

POLST is many things, including:

  • A process. Part of advance care planning, which helps you live the best life possible.
  • Conversation. A good talk with your provider about your medical condition, treatment options, and what you want.
  • A medical order form that travels with you (called a POLST form).

National POLST is a non-profit organization that organizes the efforts to standardize the POLST process, POLST form and education throughout the U.S., since POLST varies from state to state. Learn more about the history of POLST and National POLST.

TPOPP/POLST Guidebook, Form and Training

Be advised: by downloading the TPOPP/POLST forms, you agree to be in a position to properly implement and execute TPOPP/POLST forms in accordance with the National POLST and state law. If you are interested in implementing the TPOPP/POLST program at your healthcare system, we offer custom workshops in clinical ethics services, including TPOPP. For questions, please contact



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