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Person holding up their hand to the camera with the word "no" written on it.

Case Study – It’s been prescribed. She won’t take it. The Ethics of Non-Adherence

. . .her PCP notes that Peggy was prescribed blood pressure medication several years ago, which she has not been ...
A portrait of a young boy.

Case Study – Vaccinating Children

Anwar is a five-year old child who is eligible to get a recommended COVID vaccine recently approved for children 5-11 ...
Microscopic view of blood vein.

Case Study – The Ethics of Blood Shortages

Her hemoglobin is notably low, requiring transfusions to make the patient feel better, but without any hemorrhaging site noted. With ...
Hay bales in a field.

Case Study – Do I Sell the Family Farm for this Treatment?

A 55-year-old, male-identifying patient is admitted to the hospital from ER for respiratory distress and other distressing symptoms that had ...
Woman in pain looking out a window.

Case Study – Vaccination Mandates

A referring nephrologist believes that Sonya needs a kidney transplant for longer term survival, as well as improved quality of ...
Male emergence room patient being worked on.

Case Study – Scarce Resources

Mr. Jones is a 55-year-old, suffering from multiple medical issues including COVID-19. Mr. Jones is being treated in the ICU ...
Sick patient in hospital bed with IV.

Case Study – Vaccine Hesitancy and Individual Freedom

Jennifer is a 44-year-old patient who is critically ill in the ICU. She is COVID positive and is now going ...
Angry older man.

Case Study – The Noncompliant or Nonadherent Patient

Rick is a 78-year-old male patient, suffering from ESRD, among other ailments. Rick is known to the hospital staff as ...
Pregnant belly.

Case Study – “You are Violating My HIPAA rights.” Patient Privacy

Skyler is a 33-year-old female, who is 38.5 weeks pregnant and came to the hospital in labor. When she presented ...
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