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Older couple walking arm in arm on nature path.

Case Study – Maxine’s New Love and Decisional Capacity

The patient, Maxine, is an 88-year-old female, admitted due to shortness of breath and complications due to severe dementia. Maxine ...
Lab technician using a microscope.

Case Study – Would He Want the Clinical Research Trial

The patient is a 44-year-old male, suffering from complications from an aggressive form of cancer. The patient’s condition has continued ...
A stream with a fishing person standing on the rocks.

Case Study – The Avid Outdoorsman and Quality of Life

The patient is a 45-year-old male with chronic cardiac issues. If the current standard continues, the patient is not expected ...
A simple window in a dark room representing isolation.

Case Study – The Isolated Long-Term-Care Patient and Scarce Resource Allocation

Patient is an 82-year-old female, who is currently a resident at a long-term care facility. The patient is suffering from ...
A woman wearing a face mask with virus graphics floating around.

Case Study –“But I’m Asymptomatic to the Virus!” Quarantine Ethics

Jane is 40-year old physician who is travelling back from providing free medical care oversees. She has been stationed in ...
Two railroad tracks side by side.

Case Study –Allowing Patients to Make Bad Decisions

Patient is a 74-year-old male, suffering from COPD and ESRD. Patient requires oxygen and twice weekly dialysis. After a ten-day ...
Portrait of an older woman.

Case Study – Everything Be Done

The patient, Mrs. Czarniwicz, is a 67-year-old female diagnosed with non-resectable colon cancer six months ago. She was recently admitted ...
A patient in a hospital bed.

Case Study – Nonadherence to Care?

Patient is a 30-year-old female, presenting with multiple co-morbidities including HIV, COPD and cardiac complications. After several weeks in the ...
Kids drawing together.

Case Study – Vaccination and Autism

Patient is a 6-year-old female being seen at her family physician. The patient is up-to-date with all of her vaccines, ...
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