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Woman getting a band aid after a vaccine.

Case Study – “I Don’t Trust It.” Vaccine Hesitancy During a Pandemic

Sam (age 54) and Rebecca (age 56) Johnson are chatting with their neighbor and family friend Dr. Irving. During the ...
A woman practicing yoga.

Case Study – Vaccine Line Skipping: A Matter of Fairness

Jessica is a 33-year-old female, who relatively speaking, is a healthy individual. She does have level 1 asthma, which is ...
A close up of a man with a tear coming from his eye.

Case Study –God Wants Me to Suffer. Hospital Care and Religious Beliefs

Landon is a 47-year-old father of two who has a history of alcohol abuse but has been sober for over ...
Nurse showing stress.

Case Study – Moral Distress and Hospital Workers

Jennifer is an ICU nurse, having worked for Pleasantville Medical Center for 20 years. Currently, she says she is taking ...
Woman in fighting stance with fighting gear on.

Case Study – Continue to Fight? Patient Decision-Making Changes

Sarah is a 73-year-old individual who identifies as female and is suffering from metastatic colon cancer. While an inpatient, she ...
Man appearing isolated.

Case Study – Go Home and Die Alone. Social Isolation

Riley is a 42-year-old who identifies as male. He was admitted to the hospital for shortness of breath and kidney ...
Man's legs sitting in wheelchair.

Case Study – Don’t Take My Foot! Surrogate Decision-Making

The patient, Lockett, is an 82-year-old male, admitted for shortness of breath and complications from his diabetes. Lockett has been ...
Man with an angry face.

Case Study – Should Leo’s Nonadherence be Grounds for Firing Him as a Patient

The patient, Leo, is a 54-year-old male, suffering from multiple medical condition including shortness of breath, COPD, renal complications, and ...
Older couple walking arm in arm on nature path.

Case Study – Maxine’s New Love and Decisional Capacity

The patient, Maxine, is an 88-year-old female, admitted due to shortness of breath and complications due to severe dementia. Maxine ...
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