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Home Birth, Hospital Birth, and the Myth of the Good Mother – Reflections from a Bad Mother

In an upcoming lecture with the Center for Practical Bioethics the ethics of having a homebirth.
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The Affordable Care Act: It will not depart the same way it entered.

The Affordable Care Act has moved but the budget may stop where it is.
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Chronic Pain and the Opioid Epidemic: Wicked Issues Have No Simple Solutions

An ethical balance has not been found between those who suffer from chronic pain and the prescribing of opioids to...
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Bishop Tutu’s Plea Prompts Personal Meditation on Assisted Suicide

Everyone does not agree on the ethics of physician-assisted suicide which creates a topic of continuing discussion.
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The High Costs of Chasing Immortality

President and CEO of the Center for Practical Bioethics will present a lecture that will discuss the link between the...
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PAINS Update

Many people must endure chronic pain and PAIN-KC is hoping to help bring more awareness to it.
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A Selfish Request for Honest Conversations

Having a loved one in ill condition can be stressful. Rev. Shanna recommends taking the time to have a conversation...
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Mothers’ Luscious Webs of Love – in Life and Death

The Center for Practical Bioethics hosted their annual dinner where they heard from speaker Will Schwalbe and his book discussing...
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This Is How Prince’s Death Begins Conversation About Addiction

Dr. Webster discusses the circumstances of Prince's death and shares some of his knowledge on addiction as an addiction specialist.
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